DMC Satin Floss


DMC Satin Floss is a shiny radiant thread made from 100% rayon fibers that brings exceptional beauty and sheen to all stitching projects. Satin Floss is the shiniest DMC thread available and it glides easily through fabric. Satin Floss is comprised of 6 size 25 easily separated strands, allowing you to adjust the thickness of your stitching by using a different number of strands. The bright fibers of Satin Floss make this thread ideal for creating surface embroidery stitches which reflect light beautifully. Bring radiance to your designs with the satin range of bright and dynamic colors; or bring a soft touch by using the pastel tones available. For more astonishing effects you can mix DMC Satin Floss with other  DMC threads such as Light Effects, Color Variations or even Cotton Floss and Pearl Cotton. Satin Floss is 100% colorfast and fade resistant. Available in 60 shimmering colors that follow the same numbering system as the Rayon Floss (i.e. Rayon color 30800 is Satin color S800). Satin Floss comes in a single long label to protect the thread while still allowing exposure at each end so you can feel its silky softness. DMC Satin Floss features the familiar 8.7 yard pull skein put-up. Made in France.


Click here to view the DMC Satin Thread Color Card. Please note that the resolution of your computer screen can slightly distort the color shades of the threads.

Download the full DMC Color Chart (pdf)

Care & Washing

Satin Floss is 100% colorfast and can be washed multiple times at 60° C/140° F without losing its properties. Particular attention should be paid to the fabric on which the thread was embroidered. Wash your embroidery with one teaspoon of mild soap such as Orvus. After washing, gently wring it out and rinse it as many times as necessary to get the soap out of it (until the water is clear). Use almost cold water to rinse the piece. Wrap the embroidery in a towel to remove excess water, then dry flat. Place the embroidery on a clean towel, preferably while still damp, and iron on the reverse side, at the temperature setting recommended for the fabric.


How to Use

Satin floss is lustrous and smooth.  Its wide appeal stems from its silky texture which can challenge a stitcher who’s new to this specialty thread.

For easy handling, try moistening the thread with a damp cloth before threading the needle.  The threads will quickly dry but will flatten slightly allowing you to stitch more easily.

Using a thread conditioner like Thread Heaven can also smooth the thread without sacrificing the sheen of the thread.  The conditioner will give you more control in placing the threads with more precision.

If your satin thread becomes twisted while stitching, simply drop the needle and allow the thread to unwind itself.

To assure you get the best results take your time.  By stitching slowly you’ll have better control over the placement  and laying of your stitches. 










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