Starlet is an innovative yarn, made of polyamide and polyester metallic SINFLEX TACTEL ® ®.The characteristics of Tactel ® yarn are to add softness, special comfort and adaptability to different seasons: perfect for summer and it is more breathable and therefore warm in winter.














Care & Washing




Wash by hand in warm water and mild soap or detergent.

Rinse thoroughly in running water.  After washing lay on a flat surface and remove excess water with a sponge or a towel without twisting the garment.  Allow to dry naturally.

Iron at low temperature by covering the item with a white cotton cloth.

How to Use

Starlet has a soft feel but at the same time has a high gloss, perfect for crocheting and knitting, you can also use Starlet with knitting machines.

Starlet is ideal for making fashionable garments and accessories that ask for a sparking finish.

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