Weavers Cloth


DMC Punch Needle Weaver's Cloth is a tightly woven cotton polyester blend fabric designed specifically to hold punch needle loops in place, but thin enough to trace your design pattern easily on to the surface. Made using the highest quality fibers, dyes and finishing. DMC Weaver's Cloth is pre-cut to a 14"x 18" size and perfectly matched to DMC Embroidery Floss colors. All Weaver Cloth packs include a free punch needle embroidery design.
Available in ecru, kahki and denim.
55% Cotton, 45% Polyester. Made in USA.



Care & Washing

DMC Weavers Cloth can be washed in 60°C, 140°F water. Dry flat.


How to Use

Trace design onto DMC Punch Needle Cloth using the DMC Water Soluble Pen or DMC Chalk Pencil. Place the fabric with traced design facing up (this will be the back of the design) in hoop and secure until the fabric is “drum tight”. You may need to re-tighten the fabric occasionally as it may loosen when you punch. Thread punch needle tool as directed by the tool manufacturer. Now you are ready to start stitching.  An easy and fast punching method is Punch…Pull…Slide! Hold the punch needle tool straight up (not at an angle) with the tip facing forwards, Punch down through the fabric, Pull back up until the needle tip just emerges from the fabric and Slide the tip a very short distance always keeping in contact with the fabric and Punch, Pull and Slide again. Small running stitches will appear on the fabric facing you, while the other side will have the punch needle loops (this is the front).


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