DMC Linen Fabric is made of 100% linen and encompasses the beautiful natural look and sheen of linen. DMC Linen has a special fabric finish just for needlework. All DMC Linen Fabric packs include a bonus cross-stitch design. Imported from France.

DMC Linen is available in the following pre-cut sizes and colors:

  • 28-count 14” x 18” Very Light Beige Brown
  • 28-count 20” x 27” Ultra Very Light Tan
  • 28-count 20” x 27” Winter White


Care & Washing

DMC Linen Fabric can be washed in 40° C/120° F water. Dry flat. If necessary iron between two towels.


How to Use

Linen is an evenweave fabric. Evenweave fabrics have an even number of weft and warp threads per inch. Warp threads run the entire length of the fabric, while the weft threads run side-to-side, from selvage to selvage.  The thread count for evenweave fabrics is determined by this number – for example, 28-count linen has 28 vertical warp threads and 28 horizontal weft threads per inch of fabric. The higher the count number, the finer and closer the weave will be.  Aida is worked with one X over one square, linen and other evenweaves are generally worked over two threads. The common term for this technique is simply called “over two threads.”  Stitching “over two threads” on 28 count linen produces the same size design as one stitched on 14-count aida.


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