Gold Standard Aida


Charles Craft Gold Standard Aida is a high quality cross stitch Aida fabric woven from 100% cotton yarn, produced especially for Aida. Gold Standard Aida is up to 33% heavier so it can be stitched without a hoop. Charles Craft Gold Standard Aida is available in 11-count, 14-count, 16-count and 18-count in numerous colors and cuts. Made in North Carolina, USA of locally grown Southern cotton.






Care & Washing

After stitching, hand wash in lukewarm water with a mild liquid soap. Rinse in cold water. Let dry flat.


How to Use

Aida fabric has a precise square-patterned weave with visible stitching holes that makes this fabric easy to use and allows your needle to easily glide through the holes. The number or count indicates how many squares are available per inch of fabric. Each square represents a cross stitch.  Charles Craft Aida is available in a variety of different counts including 11, 14, 16 and 18.  The smaller the fabric count the larger the holes. For example 11-count aida fabric has 11 holes per inch. DMC recommends beginners use 11-count or 14-count Aida as the holes are larger which make it easier to stitch and to count.


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