Transfer/Tracing Paper


DMC Embroidery Tracing Paper includes four 8½" x 11" sheets of wax-free tracing paper - two yellow and two blue. Use to trace any design onto fabric, then simply stitch over the traced lines. Both colors produces high definition traced lines for easy visibility. Markings rub off with soft pencil eraser or damp cloth.

Made in USA.

How to Use

DMC Tracing Paper is used to trace embroidery designs onto your fabric. Place your fabric on a hard smooth surface and tape it down to secure. Position the DMC tracing paper over the fabric with the colored side down. Place the design over the tracing paper and tape it into place. Carefully trace the design with a stylus or an empty fine point ball tip pen. To achieve the best results, take your time and use a long continuous line with even pressure rather than a sketching motion. Use the blue paper for light colored fabrics and the yellow colored paper for darker fabrics.


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