Prepare Your Thread

Refer to your design chart to see what type of thread is suggested. For embroidery floss the design will tell you how many strands or plys of floss the design calls for.

Floss is a 6-stranded fiber. You will usually not stitch with all 6 strands of floss so you will have to separate the floss before stitching. To start, find the end of the thread on your skein of DMC Floss. Slowly pull the end out from the skein until you have an 18” length of floss and cut it off. To separate the floss into individual strands, pull one strand up and out slowly until it is completely separated from the remaining strands. Continue to pull out the number of strands you need to stitch with. To rejoin the threads, hold them together at one end then gently stroke the lengths to smooth and recombine them.

There are two common ways to open and cut a skein of Pearl Cotton, depending on the length of thread you prefer or need.

For approximately 19” lengths of thread: Push the two labels toward the center. Find the end with the two loops and cut through the bottom of each loop. Move the labels back into place. Pick and pull out a single piece of thread from the top loop.

For approximately 38” lengths of thread: Remove both labels and untwist skein to form an oval. Cut through all the threads at one end of the oval. Pick and remove one thread for use as needed. To keep the threads tidy for future use, put the color number label back onto the threads and slide it to the center. Fold the threads in half and set aside.

TIP: Pearl Cotton is commonly stitched using one full strand for embroideries and is not doubled up to make a thicker thread. If you want a heavier thread for your embroidery choose a Pearl Cotton 3 or a size 5. If you are working a delicate stitch or using a lightweight fabric, use a Pearl Cotton 12 or 8.