DMC 270th Anniversary Celebration
1746 - 2016

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1.DMC Mouliné Special Lucky Draw

Terms and conditions:
1. Lucky draw is only valid for purchases made within 15th June - 30 Nov 2016.
2. Get 1 DMC thread box with promo markings & lucky draw form for every purchase of 12 skeins.
3. Write Name, NRIC/Passport No, Contact No, Email on the lucky draw form. Ensure handwriting are legible and free from smears.
4. Collect 12 DMC Skein bands and receipt (authorised participating retailers only) and put inside the thread box.
5. Properly seal the DMC box. This serves as your official raffle entry.
6. Drop entry in drop boxes located at authorized participating retail outlets. Drop box will be merchandised with promo poster.
7. Send as many entries as you want for greater chances of winning.
8. All entries must be received by DMC Singapore on 10th Dec 2016, 1800 (GMT+8:00).
9. Grand draw will be held at DMC 270th L'Anniversaire Craft Event on 17th Dec 2016 at The Arts House, Singapore. Monthly draws will be held from Aug - Nov subject to local country agent participation.
10. Entries received that does not fulfill the above criteria will be disqualified.
11. The organiser reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without any prior notice.
12. The organiser reserves the right to own, publish and disclose any data and information submitted by the participant without any prior notice. These rights includes all publicity materials and platforms but does not limit to any timeline or type of media.

For prizes click here

2.DMC Craft Competition - Country

Participants may click below for details of local competition:
New Zealand
Sri Lanka

3.DMC Craft Masters Challenge - Regional

Qualification: Winners of country level competitions

Date: 17th Dec 2016
Venue: The Arts House, Singapore

Team of 3:
Tertiary Group Category - Ages 18 & above - total 3 winners
Open Individual Category - Ages 18 & above - total 3 winners

Gather a team of 3 with different skills to win this 3-hr craft masters challenge. Each team may register a mentor to provide guidance. Registered team mentors may interact with team members for the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes of the challenge, mentors must not come into physical contact with the craft work or craft materials.

For prizes click here.

4.DMC Asia Pacific Most Popular Craft Award

Be Asia Pacific most popular crafter! Participants for Most Popular Craft Award - Country, will also stand a chance get to win regional award.

Competition participants can upload their best craft images on instagram and win prizes! Top 3 winners will be chosen based on the most numbers of Instagram / Weibo (China participants only) likes by :
Regional: 10th Dec 2016, 2359
Country: 15th Nov 2016, 2359

To participate:

Step 1: Cut out "Heart" ME CARD from your entry form.
Step 2: Position your crafts and place "HEART" ME CARD to be part of your image.
Step 3: Tag @ DMC_AP , #dmcAP #dmc270 #participantnumber

For prizes click here.

5.DMC Fashion Walk - Audition

Submission deadline extended by : 2nd Dec 2016
Theme: Happiness
Submission: 1 Moodboard, 1 Fashion Collection
(consist of 5 variation designs, which include illustrations & actual pieces)
Write up: Brief of fashion collection (between 50 to 270 words)
Top 8 winners will get to participate in Asia Pacific Fashion Walk on 17th Dec 2016*.

Individual / Group Category:
Secondary / High School
Tertiary / College
Open / Professional

24k Golden Skein (worth $150) + DMC Hamper (worth $400) + DMC Vouchers (worth $100)

For prizes click here.